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Stratus Imaging was created to provide a unique visualization service for anyone requiring aerial photographs from a different perspective; low altitude aerial photography. By suspending a professional SLR digital camera from the bottom of our blimp, we are able to do something never before possible – capture images from ground level up to 500 feet and anywhere in between. Our high degree of mobility and freedom of movement allows us to access places and take photos that are simply impossible by standard methods. We can take large, overall site photos or close up shots to focus on a small, specific area. Our operation is virtually silent and takes up very little space; we can set up our equipment and be ready take photos in 10 minutes. Our unconventional approach allows us to provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional aerial photography, and with better results.

Since our beginning in 2003 we have completed over 320 assignments and images in our portfolio now number in the tens of thousands. Our clients include the Rochester Red Wings, Rochester Raging Rhinos, Greater Rochester Visitor’s Association, the Center at High Falls Visitor Center, Genesee Country Village and Museum, Rochester Museum and Science Center, George Eastman House, New York State Department of Transportation, the Town of Greece and many others. We have performed imaging sessions at festivals, golf courses, college campuses, Little League and professional baseball games, high school football and soccer games. We have taken breathtaking images of parks, gardens, waterways and unique homes, as well as site surveys and construction progress photos for several contractors, engineering and architectural firms in the Rochester, Buffalo and Central New York areas. We have done work for local business owners, realtors, homeowners, paving companies and the Livingston County Development Group. Imaging sessions have been performed both day and night, on land and water, every day of the week and every month of the year from every conceivable angle. We’ve taken progress photos of construction sites and dramatic images of buildings being imploded. We’ve provided images to several lawyers for legal proceedings. Our work has appeared in the Visit Rochester Guide, the Town of Greece map, Rochester Red Wings Group brochures and tickets, two calendars, the Buffalo News, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, the Greece Post, and the Rochester Business Journal. Our company and our photos have been featured locally on RNews, WROC Channel 8, WHEC Channel 10 and WHAM Channel 13 television stations. One of our images was recently selected to appear in a textbook published by McGraw-Hill that will be used in classrooms across the country.

We have recently updated our equipment to provide even higher resolution images, and have even begun performing low altitude digital video. With our new transmitting equipment, we will be able to provide live video feeds for high resolution video boards at Frontier Field and PaeTec Park, and we are currently working with three filmmakers in the Rochester area to provide unique video for their films. More importantly, we will have the ability to provide live video from an overhead view for local emergency personnel and TV stations in the event of an emergency such as a fire, vehicle accident or natural disaster.

Now beginning our fifth year, we can confidently state we are the experts in our field. No one can match our service, quality, dedication or reliability. For more information, email us at or give us a call at (585) 663-1998. We're confident you’ll find our work beneficial and a valuable tool for your business and look forward to putting our knowledge and technical expertise to work on your special project.